Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A/W 2007: NZ Best Collection: Zambesi

The nautical theme for Zambesi Autumn Winter 07 pervaded every garment in the collection, but in true Zambesi style the theme is never overt & is offered up by way of hints and clues to unite a collection whose main premise is signature innovative design and cut. Layers are always important in any Zambesi collection, add plays on proportion through cut, texture and hue and the result is the perfect wardrobe for AW07 :

From puff skirts to puffed sleeves - controlled volume is integral...

... navy, teal, ochre, and greys, offset with bold rust orange and hints of gold...

...skinny leggings accentuate the blouse's blown out sleeves... and moonlit sparkles from a georgette backed blouse with a sequin knit front...

... use of plush velvets, lush wools, satins, woolen knits, and chiffon and sequins...

...woolen knits and suede...

... the ubiquitous nautical stripe was paired with grey marle for tops...suptuous thick wool stood alone in masterfully cut dresses...

...a velvet cape with & white flannel with blue brocade...

...nautical style jackets & trousers...languid silk and velvet for evening...

...a beautiful silk print for a voluminous sleeved dress... the pleated sleeve from winter 2002 ressurected in a black v-neck wool dress...

...waist cinched or cape style jackets..., the main highlight colour, featured in sequined shift dresses, wool dresses, leather boots & belts... teamed here with shades of cream & beige - truly beautiful...

...stiff fabrics were formed into voluminous shapes and then given the 'cinch'...

... seasonal staple the trench in satin luxe or caped shawl in velvet luxe...

...a floaty leopard print chiffon jacket cinched with a wide rust coloured, the main highlight colour featured here in a sequined and pleated dress, as well as wool dresses, leather boots & belts.

As expected the Zambesi Autumn Winter 07 collection was extremely lush and inviting, the only downside is waiting for it to hit stores!

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

A/W 2007: NZ Top 5: #2 Cybele

Cybele's use of graphics is only surpassed by her superb use of cut, her A/W collection titled 'Bule Blood' fuses medieval, 60's pop art, and 70's glam rock references:

Images and complete collection here, at


A/W 2007: NZ Top 5: #3 Kate Sylvester

Characters from Little Red Riding Hood inspired Kate Sylvester's A/W 2007 collection, add some sexy as hell boots into the mix and you get one amazing wardrobe:

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A/W 2007: NZ Top 5: #4 Jimmy D

Film director Greg Araki's dark aesthetic was Jimmy D's main inspiration for his A/W 2007 collection entitled 'Everybody Loves Nobody Sometime', treading a fine line between experimental innovation and wearability is what Jimmy excels at:

Images and complete collection here, at


A/W 2007: NZ Top 5: #5 Trelise Cooper

Trelise Cooper's aesthetic is all about pure femininity which usually means way to many ruffles and lace, so it is welcome relief that her Autumn Winter 2007 collection concentrated on beautiful shapes and tailoring to portray a femininity with a Parisian feel:

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A/W 2007: NZ - Miranda Brown, Deborah Sweeney, NomD, & Keucke

Pretty + cool = NZ style: Miranda Brown fused scottish tartan with pacific imagery, Deborah Sweeney portrays prints perfectly, NomD's collection 'Stiff Upper Lip' featured their signature directional use of fabric and cut, vintage reworkings, and prints - this years theme being playing cards & Veronica Keucke embarked on some space exploration for her Autumn Winter 2007 collection:

Miranda Brown

Deborah Sweeney



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